sweet mini peppers can easily be transformed into a terrific appetizer salsa. in about thirty minutes, these healthy vegetables are grilled or roasted and then combined with a couple of ingredients to make a tasty snack.

since i don’t have my grill ready for the season, i simply placed some peppers on a sheet pan, and with a bit of olive oil allowed them to roast in the oven at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes.  i checked on them, rotating and moving them around the pan until they were soft and slightly browned.  after they cooled, i chopped them and added fresh crumbled feta with a dash of parsley and dried garlic and herb seasoning.

delicious served with crackers, wonton crisps, crusty bread, on chicken or just out of the dish.



One response to “sweet pepper salsa”

  1. amyelisabethmills Avatar

    This salsa looks delicious. I love grilled peppers.


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