weeping cherry tree



the month of may has to be my very favorite month in the garden.  since we have moved back to Michigan, i find that spring doesn’t really arrive until may.  and that is when my weeping cherry bursts into bloom.  wow..what a spectacle.  i just can’t believe how beautiful this tree happens to be this year.  is it because i have been giving it food, or is it because of the weather — not sure, but i am appreciating every day that it is blooming in my mailbox garden.  

the weeping branches of the tree fall with cascades of pink flowers.  we have only pruned it when necessary, removing stray branches as needed.  in contrast, my neighbor who has another one of these trees seems to violently prune the tree each spring.  of course, you can imagine how much that tree has suffered.  when i glance over to his yard, i can sense the tree’s pain.

i am certain that this tree was grafted onto a tree standard, since the height of the tree seems to top out at about 8-10 feet.  at least, i am hoping so.

we routinely have a tree service treat the tree with dormant oil and spray for possible pests, blight and powdery mildew.  when we moved into this home six years ago, the tree had damaged leaves and areas of blight.  

this tree grows in full sun and the fragrance is beyond amazing.

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