PJM hybrid rhododendrons


PJM compact rhododendrons have made their way into my garden.  i planted several about three years ago, and this seems to be the first year they are really blooming nicely.  these rounded dwarf shrubs have been blooming in my yard for about two weeks now.

these shrubs will not grow to the size of my other rhododendrons which bloom later in the spring season.  these PJM hybrids are planted in a semi-shade location, with the early morning sunshine.  even when they are not blooming, i like the dark green leaves of the plant which adds texture to the rest of the bed plantings.

the area around these plants is mulched and i have been careful not to dig close to their roots, since i understand that their root system is very shallow.  i do remove the spent flower clusters with my hand pruners. 

one of my PJM’s is not blooming as well as the rest, and i tribute that to its location during the winter months.  i am certain that it has to withstand more wind than the others, as it is not as protected. i plan to protect this one next year with a screen, to see if that will make a difference when spring comes again.



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