a gardening friend shared a small piece of trillium with me when i first joined a garden club in Michigan   she told me that trillium was a great shade plant and i should treasure this gift.  i had never seen the plant in a backyard garden, but mostly along the roadside during the springtime.

when i began to investigate the plant, i realized that trillium was protected with some of the species being listed as endangered or threatened. i understand that it is illegal to take trillium from a forest or state-owned property in Michigan.  so, someone who has trillium growing in their yard is pretty special.

 trillium is a plant for the shade garden.  often, shade loving plants are not as eye-catching, which makes the trillium plant very unique.  it is from the lily family, and is a spring bloomer.

i was told with my trillium gift not to pick the flowers, nor to really disturb the plant, as it may not come back or grow.  i have really babied my gift, and this year, i have had more blooms than any of the past five years.

a shade garden or areas of a garden with dappled shade give me a sense of calm and rest.  i think that the planted beds of lush green plants offer an oasis to recover from the sunny areas.  those areas are full of color, of vibrant plants, and most often buzzing bees and butterflies.  in the shade, the light and the cool temperature gives me a different feeling of the meaning of gardening.

for that reason, i have enjoyed my trillium.  the white flowers, the uniqueness of the plant and the special meaning of a gift from a gardening friend that will be appreciated for many years.

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