Solomon’s Seal


another gift from a garden friend that has become established in my woodland garden bed is Solomon’s seal.  this lovely plant also comes from the lily family, and blooms in the spring with tiny white bell-shaped flowers.  the plant is truly lovely coming from the ground over a matter of days, and then sprouting these delicate blooms.

i would say that this plant is slow to get established, but i have given the plant shade, plenty of compost, and a place to expand in my shade bed.  it spreads by rhizome, which i don’t plan on dividing.  it is watered with my sprinkler system twice a week and more if it rains.

i read that Solomon’s seal do well under trees and once established can tolerate competition from tree roots.  i can’t say that i have done much to maintain the plant, except remove excess leaves in the springtime and wait for the beautiful white blooms to appear.

Solomon’s seal will grow in zones 3 through 9, and takes the winter here in Michigan very well. i would recommend this plant for shade exposure and a nice alternative to bushy plants in the bed. the leaves are variegated and quite attractive as well.

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