plant nanny



as a master gardener, i am always searching out products that might help me in my garden.  i found these plant nanny stakes recently, and have been excited to use them.  by inverting a water-filled colorful recycled wine bottle in the stake, i can plant the stake next to a new plant that may require additional watering in the establishment phase.

especially as i plan  weekend trips when my sprinkler system is not working, this inexpensive drip system seems to be a great alternative.  the water slowly absorbs through the terra-cotta stake and into the soil.  if positioned near a plant, this self-watering system seems to be a great plan.

after reading customer comments, i have been cautioned to not expect the water to cover a large circumference, so this would not be adequate for larger plants. 

the company also makes a plant nanny design which accommodates plastic 2-liter bottles, however; i prefer the wine bottle design. somehow, glass in the garden seems more attractive to me. for more information, please follow this link:


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