oregano is a great herb for a small space.  in my kitchen garden, i grow many herbs, flowers, some vegetables, and bulbs together in a parterre design.  the garden is different every year, since i like to move plants around, divide what is growing too large for the space each fall, and simply i like change.  gardening to me is not just having one design and keeping it, but allowing for a place in your yard to try different types of plants.  i like to actually garden.  by that i mean, plant a seed or small plant and watch how it grows.  it is not about the finished look of the garden to me, but the ability to have a place to do the gardening.  this kitchen garden will never be “done” to some people’s standards.  it is for me to use in cooking and enjoying.

that being said, oregano is an amazing herb for growing and using in everything from soups, tomato sauces, or even to season chicken.  i love the color of oregano growing in my garden.  a friend gave me a start from her garden when i moved here, and this patch has grown beautifully over the years.  it has been divided and will flower later in the year.  most oregano have purple or white flowers mid growing season.

i encourage each of you to try a patch of oregano in your garden this year, and enjoy the fragrance of the herb as you brush by the leaves.


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