i have a love affair with Allium.  maybe it is because they can grow in full sun or partial shade.  maybe it is because they last so many years without having to be divided.  maybe it is because the large flowering stems grow so tall, and support such unusual flower heads.  maybe because i think this plant gives so much whimsy to the garden.  i am not really certain why i truly love having Allium bloom in my garden, but it is always one species of plant that i cannot be without.

Allium are a late spring bloomer, and in Michigan, they tend to bloom late May through June.  i have planted many types over the years and have never been disappointed.  my giant garlic Allium have flower heads that are purple compared to others that have blue or even yellow heads.

the cooler colors of purple or blue Allium seem to retreat from first notice in the garden.  therefore, the plants form a nice backdrop for many other featured plants in the garden bed. later in the season, i have other varieties which add other elements to my kitchen garden.



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