i am not very “crafty.”  my creativity shows through in my cooking and gardening efforts, but not by making craft projects.  so, when i found this garden stone kit, i was hesitant at first to even give it a try.  however; over the years, i have made many types of garden markers, mostly herb names, such as sage and thyme — along with a few garden words — relax and rest, and then house numbers and names.

this stone is right outside my fenced garden, so it greets me as it enter through the garden gate every day.  basically, the kit consists of plastic forms, letters, numbers and symbols along with the recipe for mixing the cement and water combination.  the letters are washed and used over and over.

it takes about two hours to make a large bag of quick set concrete. additional tools could also be used such as cookie cutters or shells. the key to this craft project is not to add the water to the cement all at once.  it is difficult to mold if the mixture is too watery.  the letters will run together. so, just with everything else in life — there is a perfect balance.

for more information, follow this link:


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