lily of the valley



thirty-five years ago in may 1978, i was married.  the flower for the month of May is lily of the valley,  i chose to carry a bouquet of these fragrant flowers.  the florist ordered them from the Netherlands for my special day.

i will always remember how beautiful my bouquet of flowers were that day. recently, princess Kate carried a bouquet of lily of the valley for her wedding.   when i had a garden of my own, i began to grow this terrific ground cover.  lily of the valley grow in shade in zones 2-7.  they are deciduous, so in the winter, it is easy to forget where they were planted.  the flowers are bell-shaped and white.  the plants are low growing and spread nicely to fill a garden bed.  i have them planted in the bed across from my front door in midland.  they are planted along side hosta, liriope, grape hyacinths, Virginia bluebells, and forget me nots.  

my lily of the valley are blooming today. and, they are as lovely as ever.

a friend recently gave me a variety called rosea, with pink flowers.


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  1. Susan says:

    I love the fragrance! There is also a variegated variety and a light green one too. Here is the link.


    1. thanks susan…i love them all.


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