microgreens and lettuce



for the past few years, i have been growing lettuce in pots on my deck.  i find that sowing the seeds in late May, at least past Mother’s day — i have the best germination.  lettuce seeds are a bit temperamental, as if the temperatures are a bit too cold or too warm, they just don’t germinate.

the new trend in salad greens happens to be baby leaf salads.  these tender leaves are delicious.  the miniature microgreens have such a delicate flavor.  they need to be cut when they reach about three to four inches in size.  most of them are ready to pick within four to five weeks.  so, they can be planted several times during the summer.

one article i read, said the leaves are so young, “they are practically embryonic”.

for the first time, i tried this old tin planter that i have not used in years.  so, if you have a small space for garden pot, try some microgreens this year.  you will be very pleased with your decision.






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