planted in full sun or partial shade, spiderwort flowers for about two months beginning in june. the actual flowers only last a couple of days, but other flowers appear in the days to follow.  deadheading is important with this plant, as flowering will continue, as the spent flowers are removed.  spiderwort like to be well watered, and this contributes to re-blooming.  

sometimes the plant tends to flop, and may require staking.  this can be avoided if spiderwort is cut back in May when the plant first reaches 12 inches tall.  it will then produce more compact plants. 

as with most plants, the more sun this plant is allowed, more flowers will develop.  i grew this plant in Charleston, mostly in the shade, and was never very pleased.  in Michigan, i have planted spiderwort in a very sunny location, and the plant flowers, is erect and seems to be a totally different plant for me.  i would add, a happier plant.

while my tomato plants are growing into their cages, the spiderwort is featured in the middle of the bed to give some additional color to the my edible garden.

soon the tomatoes will be growing taller and producing red fruit.  by that time, the spiderwort will provide a backdrop to the tomato plants.



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