to be truthful, i wasn’t exactly certain that i would like eggs made in this manner.  although, i have been very curious about poached eggs for a very long time.  the classic recipe for poached eggs is often called eggs Benedict.

i have never ordered them in a restaurant, but decided to purchase an egg poacher several months ago, and wanted to learn the technique.  i would say that making poached eggs in this cooker was very easy, and the taste of the eggs was very similar to a hard-cooked egg. what is nice about the cooker, is that the eggs are shaped into perfect circles, which then can be served on an english muffin or toast.  i think this must be the appeal of the cooker.

there is a wide variation in cooking times, based on the doneness preferred of the finished product.  for example, if the eggs cook for 3-4 minutes, then expect soft centers and runny yolks.  if medium centers and firm egg whites are expected, then cook the eggs for 5-7 minutes. if hard centers and whites are desired, then cook the eggs for 8-10 minutes.  i cooked my eggs for 9 minutes, and was totally satisfied with the outcome.

the eggs remove from the pan very easily, since the pan has non-stick egg cups.  my pan can be purchased at sur la table; follow this link for more information:



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