i don’t plant many annual herbs, because many years ago, i decided i would rather develop a perennial herb garden.  however; having said that, i usually buy borage every year. i should explain that i live in Michigan, in other zones greater than zone 5, borage may return for you year after year.

this is one of the few herbs that i really enjoy as borage attracts bees.  it is always recommended to have in your garden, as bees are needed for pollination especially in vegetable gardening.  borage likes the sunshine and to grow well, needs full sun.

i understand that borage will self-seed, but i haven’t had any luck with that technique.  so each year i go on a mission to find a plant or two already growing in the springtime.

i have never used borage in cooking, but understand that the leaves have a cucumber flavor.  i also understand that in generous quantities, they could be toxic.  so, i have never attempted to decide how much is generous.  i don’t want to experience any bad effects from my garden.

borage is a vigorous plant and seems to grow well every year for me.  the secret to growing borage is giving the plant lots of sun.  the flowers are pendent with fine fuzzy hairs noticed on the stems.  the flowers are very different.


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