i love my gardening friends.  i totally recommend joining a garden club.  even though i am an advanced master gardener, i am on a big learning curve when it come to plants, flowers, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and the like.  i have learned so very much from my gardening friends.  and better yet, gardeners like to share their plants.

this is one plant that was shared with me.  as i have come to know my gardening friends, i realize that it is very difficult to throw away plants, and loosestrife is a plant that tends to clump and creep.  it is perfect for those full sun and partial shady spots that you don’t want to maintain.  loosestrife will fill-in the area, and maybe get too big.  hence, time to share with another friend.

loosestrife likes moist soil. so, i have it planted in a corner by my rain barrel, where the gutter sometimes overflows.  the loosestrife loves it.

some people may talk about purple loosestrife, but that plant is invasive and of a different genus.

my loosestrife is blooming today and looks very happy in my garden.


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