breakfast tray


i tried something new last week.  i entered a flower show, held in town at the midland center for the arts.  it was sponsored by the national garden clubs and one of the five garden clubs in midland.  the little garden club organized and held the show, and it was open to amateur gardeners from the area.

i was so proud of my own home grown flowers in this entry.  i must admit, that i was worried as the week before, my roses were in beautiful bloom.  but, the week of the show, they were losing petals rapidly.  i opted for another type of arrangement.

i entered a design category.  since i had never participated in an event like this, i did do some research on my own.  i was thrilled with my entry and even more thrilled that i did win a third prize award.

in order to win an award, a minimum number of points must be achieved.  a group of judges came into town to judge this event, and the organizing club was told they had done a terrific job with presentation of the show.

all in all, i am so glad that i took a risk.  i learned so much about flower shows, and i certainly will try again in the future



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