fresh mulch in the garden pathways


several years ago when we were building our backyard garden, my husband and i debated on what material to use for the garden pathways.  i really like the look of pea gravel. and, even more, i like the sound of walking on the small stones while gardening.  i have toured many gardens, especially in the colonial areas of Virginia, where this type of pathway construction is used.

i still think about those gravel pathways, even five years later after deciding to go with shredded hardwood mulch for our garden pathways.  it has been an economical decision, and a very easy way to maintain the pathways.

in fact, we only add additional mulch to the pathways every other year.  i like the soft feel under my feet.  when the paths are freshly mulched, as they were about one week ago, my feet felt like they were walking on sponges.

weeds are controlled nicely and the look is very pretty as well.  so, after writing all of this, i still would like to have pea gravel pathways.  i am not sure why?  perhaps i equate those pathways with true English gardens, formal gardens, and truly professional gardens.

and, i long to be aligned with all of the above. what do you think about garden pathways?


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  1. My garden paths are mulch, mainly so that I can turn the whole garden over and recreate the whole structure every six months (we can grow year round in AZ). I’m not fond of gravel, since 95% of the landscaping in AZ is crushed granite rock. There’s rock everywhere. Even flying into the city all you see is brown… and swimming pools. I guess we know where all of the water is going. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love the look of your garden by the way. The picture is great. White picket fences are awesome and I love the iron work decorations. Very serene.


  3. roberta4949 says:

    I like your mulch path idea, but i was thinking I would like to do a sand and gravel path with a frame around it and add stepping stones I seen on amazon one is designed like a rose in many colors and another are sunflowers it would be neat to combine these two patterns together. but the cost might be prohibited and the labor probably too since I would be doing most of it my poor hubby works to many hours per week to help much.


  4. The mulch provides a nice contrast to the blooming flowers and herbs. I remember walking on the pea gravel pathways at Colonial Williamsburg…the crunching sound after each step. Lovely gardens.


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