my favorite summertime beverage has to be iced tea.  since i am a cold weather hot tea drinker, it would follow that my summertime favorite would be cold tea.  usually i brew my winter favorites with hot water, and use the same tea bags for my summertime drinks.

however, there are a few new products on the market now that have really turned me around to specialty iced teas.  tea forte and celestial teas are now making special flavors for iced tea lovers.

i have been sampling the Lipton iced tea cold brew for a couple of years now, and just purchased these brands for a change.  the peach cool brew works very nicely, and lives up to the claim of having iced tea in under five minutes.

i am very satisfied with the flavor of the brew, and certainly love the peach aroma.  i would highly recommend any of these to my fellow tea lovers.  iced tea in minutes is better than ever before.


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