pink roses


one of the best features of a rose is fragrance.  as i walk near my climbing rose-bush, the sweet smell reaches me far in advance of my ability to touch the petals.  the pink petals of my rose are especially fragrant, and i will never forget how lovely they are during the month of june.

this climber blooms for about two to three weeks, as i keep the spent flowers deadheaded.  i have found that early morning is the best time to appreciate the fragrance of my rose.  the blooms are just about ready to open and share their beauty.

my pink rose is pastel pink and grows on a trellis.  it is planted in nearly full sun with the ability to sway in the breeze.  air can flow through my trellis, which helps my rose to stay healthy and pest free. the rose is sheltered between my two garages, in between so as to protect from high winds, which could destroy the canes.

i wish i knew the name of my rose, as it was given to me by a friend. i think it is very similar to Constance Spry, which was the first English rose that David Austin created.  Constance Spry and my rose seem to bloom with little care. Both are highly disease resistant.


One comment

  1. The fragrance of old fashioned roses takes me back to my childhood…loved all the different fragrances. I love iris just the same way.


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