my love for hydrangea


my love of hydrangea came from my visits to new england.  during the summer trips we took over the years, i used to see hundreds of these shrubs in full bloom.  and, i mean hundreds–lining walkways, forming hedges, as foundation plantings, and even as stand alone specimens.

the bushy clusters of flowers are spectacular when they finally emerge in your own garden. i have been trying to get my hydrangea to bloom since i planted them several years ago. every gardening book i own claim they are a tough plant and easy to grow.

i think their lack of blooms initially was due to lack of proper sun.

then, i moved the plants and they have developed perfectly, but i think i was over fertilizing them–giving them lush greenery, but no blooms.  so, this year, i decreased the amount of fertilizer, and i have blooms!  i do think that my cultivar is killed down each year in the cold Michigan winters, and that also contributes to lack of blooms.

i try various ways to protect my plants from the harsh winters each fall– by using leaves, wire mesh and even frost blankets. i give my hydrangea plenty of organic matter and lots of water during the growing season.  so, if anyone has any suggestions for me to improve my plant’s flower production—i am welcome to suggestions.

i would have to admit that these are my favorite deciduous shrub. and, they take me to new england in my mind, while i am standing in my own backyard.


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