lilies are in bloom


i grow three types of lilies in my garden–Asiatic, oriental and the daylily.  my lilies bloom in July, seeming to come in waves.  first the Asiatic, then the Orientals, and then the daylilies.  i grow them in mixed borders all over my yard.


i am always amazed at how large the lily flowers actually grow.  many of them are several inches wide and are so beautifully formed.  they make perfect cut flowers and are so sturdy in vases.  my oriental and Asiatic lilies are grown in full sun, but my daylilies do very well with a mix of sun and shade.  i do top dress the plants with compost every season to help them develop beautiful flowers. my first purchase of lilies was five years ago, where i bought a grouping online called strawberries and cream.  today, those are still my favorite pink, red and white lilies.



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