garlic chives and globe thistle


another favorite herb of mine happens to be garlic chives.  the white flowers attract both bees and butterflies to my garden in the late summer.  these garlic chives, which are sometimes called Chinese chives, have garlic flavored leaves which i use to flavor Asian inspired dishes.

the plant is from the Allium family and garlic chives are known as Allium tuberosum. some alliums are grown for the flowers and others are grown for food.  i like to think that i grow garlic chives for both reasons.  the plants grow well in my Michigan garden, as they are zoned for three through nine planting.

my globe thistle plant is somewhat similar in shape and growth to the garlic chives.  this perennial has spiny leaves with round flower heads.  the flowers are blue, with the name echinops coming from the Greek meaning hedgehog.

globe thistle requires full sun and can be dead-headed to encourage re-blooming. the plant comes from the aster family.  this year, bunnies in my garden actually ate one of my globe thistle plants, but it is making a comeback since i protected the base of the plant with green garden wire fencing.  i plan to move the globe thistle later this fall into an interior spot within my picketed fence garden.

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