this year, i planted some daisy near my knock out roses.  i really admire how the flowers complement each other.  they have been blooming side-by-side for several weeks now and with weekly dead-heading have been continuing to bloom and look pretty at the back of my home.

although this site is not full sun, it does receive almost the full requirement for exceptional blooming.  this is a well-drained area which is required for both roses and for leucanthemum.  i have both of these plants staked for stability.

these daisy can be easily divided when needed, and will grow quite vigorously even after being transplanted from my personal experience.

i find pairing plants together is a challenge for me, as often one plant seems to be more hardy than the other, with an imbalance in growth. these two plants have grown nicely this year and have complemented each other in my garden.


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