the herb garden at dow gardens


we are so very lucky in midland Michigan to have the beautifully maintained Dow gardens.  this botanical garden is one of the most beautiful in the nation.  each visit opens my eyes to some of the most lovely displays of trees, flowers, and landscape design ideas.  i have escorted several of my out of town guests, straight over to the gardens, so i can watch them marvel at the beauty created a few miles from my own home.

one of my very favorite areas has to be the newly redesigned herb garden.  the fragrance, artistic display, and the interesting mix of plants draws me in to appreciate everything about this specialty garden.  although Dow gardens has maintained an herb garden for many years, the horticulturist decided to transform the garden into a more desirable visual presentation of the herbs.  i have learned so very much from her demonstrations and discussion about how she planned this garden.

i highly recommend visiting and touring all of Dow gardens, but don’t miss the herb garden.  it is an edible gardener’s dream.


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  1. Lovely. Have spent several hours walking through the gardens. The rose garden is a favorite.


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