perennial mums


throughout the fall, gardeners are always thinking of what needs to be done to put their gardens to bed for the winter.  the leaves begin to fall and our focus turns from everything blooming to only a few that are favorites.  i must say that one of the best decisions i made many years ago was to plant perennial mums around my mailbox.

yes, i love my new England aster, my Sedum and my rose hips.  however, these mums last such a long time and seem to greet me every day when i walk to the road for my mail.  the sunlight bathes them and strengthens them every year.  the sum warms the concrete next to the mailbox, and i believe that helps them to grow and flourish with lasting blooms for weeks and weeks.

the cold doesn’t seem to bother them, and i choose to not cut them back until spring.  the mounds of snow protect them during the winter months.  since we live on a court, the city plows the street and seems to leave a mound of snow to cover them. the snow doesn’t often melt completely until may.

these mums were a gift from a gardening friend.  she graciously shared these from her garden in the first years i moved to midland, and i think of her every day each fall.

plants from friends are so special to me.  i care for them with extra love, as they are given from the heart.

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