flat Cornish hens


one of the best ways to cook poultry is by using the spatchcock technique.  the poultry cooks faster and evenly.  i have been able to do this technique on my own, since i purchased a pair of poultry shears.  i no longer have to special order the chicken, turkey or hens spatchcocked.  i can do the snipping by myself.  it only takes a couple of minutes with the correct tool.


i simply removed the backbone of the hens and the poultry will lay flat in the roasting pan.  i use chicken broth under the hens to add moisture to them when roasting.  the entire hen will cook evenly within an hour with no need for rotating during the cooking process.

the poultry sheers are very sharp and sturdy.  i firmly believe that using the proper tools makes for a successful outcome in any project, especially cooking and baking.

these hens were delicious and easily divided in half for a serving.  suggestions for the meal would be serving with fingerling potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts.

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