tea and entertaining


organization is the key to success.  having organized kitchen drawers makes serving tea and entertaining simple and fun. here is one example of how i have organized one drawer in my kitchen.  all of the tools for tea, along with some entertaining tools can be easily spotted in one glance.

by using smaller containers within the drawer, the tools can be easily removed and sorted if needed.  i find that this type of organization has helped me enjoy cooking and baking in the kitchen.  time is not wasted searching for tools needed to complete the recipe or serve the dish.

it has been a challenge over time to perfect how my kitchen should be organized.  don’t be surprised if some organized drawers don’t meet your expectations, and they need to be rearranged to better suit your needs.  i have changed location of tools in my kitchen many times, after i have found they were not positioned in the best spot for usage.  this confuses my husband greatly.  but, i have found in the long run, it saves me time.

having drawers that fully open and extend offer the best view for all tools.  these kitchen drawers made by Omega cabinets are extremely functional and work well for cooking enthusiasts.

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