everyone seems to be talking about addictions today.  almost like they are accepted as the norm.  well, i am confessing that i also have an addiction.  i am addicted to cookbooks and recipes.  i don’t consider this addiction to be harmful.  but, i have come to realize that i will never in my lifetime be able to cook all of the recipes in any of my books.  and, maybe that is why i have now labeled this purchasing habit an addiction.  i am no longer buying the cookbook because i need it for cooking. i am purchasing the book to read and enjoy the photographs, as well as the contents. i have boxes of recipes that have been saved over the years from magazines and newspapers.  i organize them, only to collect more in the coming months.

ms. Quinn has published several cookbooks.  this is the first i have purchased in her collection.  i was drawn to this book for the chapter titled veggies and other sides.  she has gathered some very interesting recipes in this section that i am determined to try this fall.  maple thyme roasted carrots and roasted rosemary potatoes will be featured on this blog soon. her classic coleslaw recipe features apple cider vinegar, so i will also give that one a try.

if you are not familiar with this author, she is the vice president of Martha Stewart omnimedia and hosts a PBS cooking show of her own.  her book is nicely arranged with recipes on one side of the book with a photograph featured on the opposite side.  not every recipe has a photograph, but many in each section of the book do feature them.

the recipes sound delicious during my read-through, and seem to include common ingredients that i would have in my pantry.  the photographs show the food clearly and give the impression that the recipe would be easy to prepare.

i like the new format of today’s cookbooks.  the cover is quite sturdy and the pages are thick and nicely textured.  there is just something about have a recipe book in the hand, and not on the tablet.  i like the feel of the cookbook in person.  and, for that reason alone, i am not giving up my addiction.


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