growing green onions in November


so, my edible garden is still growing onions.  i planted these green onion sets in may.  i still have green onions growing in November in my Michigan garden.  i harvested these green onions today, and have them cleaned and ready to use in recipes for the week.

growing green onions is so easy.  i find a local garden center that stocks the green onion sets and start them in my prepared soil late May.  they begin to develop the green stems over time.  it takes the whole summer here in Michigan to grow thick green onions. perhaps my edible bed does not have full day sun, but it has at least 5 hours of sun each day.

i have at least six more bunches of green onions to harvest even after the temperatures have dipped below freezing during the November nights.  in this photo, i have trimmed the tops and roots from the onions, peeled back the outer layers, and have them soaking in my sink to remove any remaining soil from the stems.  it is so gratifying to grow edibles in a home garden.  i know that i have not used any harmful chemicals.  i know what fertilizer i have used, and i monitor them each week during their growth.

i am excited to still have produce in my home garden this time of year. i plan to use these green onions with eggs, in several dinner recipes, and i may even eat one or two just as is.   yummmmm

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