fresh mushrooms have to be one of my most favorite vegetables. well, i don’t think they are actually classified as a vegetable. however, i use them in place of another low calorie vegetable in many recipes.  dietary mushrooms are labeled as the fruiting body of a fungus.  i prefer to think of them as a vegetable.

so, i found this recipe in a copyKat cookbook, which claims it mimics those mushrooms served at Outback Steakhouse.  i can’t remember a time when i have been at this restaurant, so i will have to take that information for granted.  anyway, at their steakhouse, it is said these mushrooms are served with steak.  since i don’t typically eat any red meat, and have not since 1993, i will have to also assume that this preparation would be a delicious compliment to a juicy steak.

these mushrooms are seasoned with Merlot red wine and beef broth.  the flavor of the low sodium beef flavored broth that i used made these mushrooms taste so good. i think a vegetable broth could have been used as well, but i am not certain how the flavor would develop.

to make the recipe:  place about 15 ounces of beef broth in a large saute pan.  add one medium sized white onion which has been diced.  simmer for 15 minutes.  next, add the fresh mushrooms.  i used one large box of whole white button mushrooms, that had their stems removed.  i had sliced them evenly.  also add, 1/2 cup of Merlot or Burgundy wine.  simmer for another 15 minutes on the stove top.

these mushrooms were served with brown rice, but could be served with noodles.  i used them to compliment grilled chicken and the roasted carrots posted earlier on this blog.



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