red amaryllis


i potted a red Amaryllis just before Thanksgiving this year and had beautiful blooms by Christmas.  the lily like blooms on tall stems look very tropical to me.  i have only planted Amaryllis one other year, as i often forget to plan ahead and purchase the bulbs.  this year, a friend of mine was selling the bulbs for her club’s fundraiser.

this red variety complements my sun room and really feels like Christmas to me.  the Amaryllis requires little care.  i potted the bulb in the potting mix provided with the bulb after soaking the roots of the bulb in water prior to planting.  after that, i only watered the bulb once a week with just enough water to just make the top of the soil moist.

my Amaryllis has been in this window, which is would say is not as warm as the rest of my home.  i have a thermometer nearby and because of the many windows in this room, the temperature is only 67 degrees on the coldest of days.  it is also recommended to fertilize Amaryllis every couple of weeks.. i did not do that step and seem to have lovely flowers anyway.

the last time i grew the Amaryllis, i attempted to save the bulb.  it did not work very well, so i don’t think i will save this bulb either after the bloom time is finished.  if you grow Amaryllis, i would love to hear about your experience this year.  i am an advanced master gardener, but do not usually grow any plants indoors.

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