winter garden through the ice covered window


for many of us in the country, the polar vortex has left the area.  during those sub-zero temperature days, i was watching through the window to see how my fenced herb, edible, and flower garden was managing with the super cold weather.  ice crystals formed on most of my upper floor bedroom windows, so at times, i couldn’t even see my garden from above.  but, this one day, i was able to capture a photo with the picket fenced area to the bottom left of the picture. my picket fenced garden is 30 feet by 30 feet square.

my garden seemed to endure the temperatures without a protest.  the snow built up on the fence line, and the tracks seemed few by the routine wild animals.  i didn’t see many tracks for days, but now that the temperatures have returned to the thirties, the squirrels are back again running their route along the fence lines.

for the most part, my garden looked like it does throughout any winter.  nothing seemed different because Michigan was hit by the polar vortex.  i guess springtime will uncover the changes, if any.

with the sun shining today, the ice crystals on my windows have faded.  and, my clear view of the garden has returned.

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