wine or champagne garnish


i was so inspired this week by a lecture on growing grapes for the production of wine, i decided to have a glass a wine at home.  the talk was given by a research professor from Michigan State University to our master gardener association.  the planning, energy, and patience that is required to grow grapes and turn them into wine was quite fascinating to me.

i really think all of these years, i took the process for granted.  now, i know better.  and, every time i sip a glass of wine, i will think of the hard work and dedication that goes into the making of each bottle.  the Michigan vineyards are winning awards, even though they have come into the wine making process in the past forty years.  that doesn’t compare to the over one hundred years of wine making that has come from Europe.

my husband and i have visited the many production vineyards Up North in Michigan.  the winding hillsides compare to Napa, which we have also visited in years past.  each year’s production may be different depending on the sun, the rain, and the snow.  the polar vortex winds and temperatures will certainly impact the grape production this year.  it has not been determined yet how much for our northern producers.

so, to celebrate my new-found love of grape growing and wine production in Michigan, i froze some blackberries and added them to my wine.  they did provide a nice garnish and were very tasty after being immersed into the beverage.  i think they would be as festive in champagne.



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