New Orleans cookbooks


New Orleans is known for restaurants, food, cooking, and of course their cookbooks. since i am a cooking enthusiast, i was enamored by the selection of specialty cookbooks. each store had a different selection.  the books were filled with recipes from the gulf coast. seafood chapters with recipes on crab dips and soups, crawfish fettuccine and jambalaya, stews and catfish gee gee were highlighted.

shrimp dips and gumbos, barbecued shrimp and shrimp molds–boiled crab and crab Mornay were featured. it seems that every restaurant is willing to share their secrets in a book.  i already have a personally signed book by Emeril, probably one of the more noted chefs from New Orleans. his book is filled with bayou recipes and even expanded entrees of quail, lamb and duck.

i must admit that i have made many recipes over the years from his book, but not from his seafood chapter.  however, i have made his buttermilk biscuits, corn muffins, and sesame vegetables.

regional cooking in America has always fascinated me and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. with this recent trip, i have decided to be a bit more adventurous and am contemplating my next recipe experiment.

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