southern gardens and the garden district

while in New Orleans, we visited the garden district.  having lived in the area during the 80’s, i remember so much of what i loved about the food and the flowers.  even though it was January, the greens and the blooms were beautiful.  living in Michigan, i forget how many species of plants that we cannot grow here in the ground.  i was very impressed with the window boxes and planters.  i loved the ironwork fences and the landscape greenery.


i admire the formal combinations of plantings and the classic appeal in their gardens.


the ground covers line the fences and the stairs.  the greenery is meticulously trimmed.  the grooming of the shrubbery is precise.


the trees drip with moss and the palms remind visitors they are not in the Midwest.

Image Image

the detailed ironwork is amazing. the homes are surrounded by these details.  and some of the fences are no less than spectacular.

the French influence is everywhere in New Orleans, and if you have not taken the time to visit the gardens there, please plan a trip.  if you are a gardener, you will love every minute.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Susan says:

    Love the cyclamens!


  2. me too. i loved seeing flowers in bloom outside!


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