quirky egg minder


i have a new product in my kitchen.  being the kitchen enthusiast that i am, i am always searching for the latest technology to help me out and provide a time saver to me during meal preparation.

when i found the egg minder, i just had to explore the benefits.

the product syncs to my i phone and will send me messages if my eggs are getting “old”.  it even keeps count for me, so when i am at the store, i can check my phone to see if i need eggs for that last-minute recipe.

the egg minder has two AA batteries and works to monitor the last egg placed into the tray, and encourages freshness over the cardboard box storage that most of us choose.

for those of you who love all things in the kitchen and just have to own the latest, this is your product.  it is fun and fresh–and quirky too.



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