winter is here to stay.  however, over the years i have been collecting a library of cooking and gardening books that i treasure.  i would have to say that i truly enjoy my book collection.  and when the weather is frightful, i simply resort to reading.  yes, i do read cookbooks.

i heard Martha Stewart answer a question recently, with this response.

“what have you been reading lately?”  and her response, “seed packets.”   i loved that.  i am not a fiction reader, i do read food, garden and home magazines.  but, i don’t favor novels. and i read cooking, gardening and home decorating books.

my collection covers books written in the eighties to today.  i have Martha’s first entertaining book and many books that are no longer in print.  the books are filled with ideas that i have used over the years in my home, and many recipes that i have tried with my family.  i keep notes in all of these books, with comments on how the recipes actually worked out.  some books have other information that i have saved to compliment information in the text.

if you don’t have a library yet, start one today.  i don’t think a kindle library is the same.  my books are kept in my library on the first floor of my home, but other rooms also contain various collections of books on display.  they are beautiful decorations to the home, and i promise you will enjoy them over the years.

i certainly hope our modern technology will not eliminate the production of good quality books for our home shelves.  i just love them so.



6 responses to “cookbook reading on a cold day”

  1. Jeanne Calkins Avatar
    Jeanne Calkins

    Great blog Karen, I agree!!! I need to stay home more now and read all of mine!!! And no a kindle library does not even compare to the printed word!!!!


  2. The Editors of Garden Variety Avatar
    The Editors of Garden Variety

    I totally agree with you. I have loads of magazines and books about cooking, home decor, gardening, etc and I read them page to page. There is nothing like holding a hard cover book in your hand.


  3. Susan Avatar

    I have several favorite cookbooks but no where near the number you have Karen. Two favorites come to mind due to their storytelling. I love a cookbook that also tells a story or shares some human interest. They are “Sweets, a collection of soul food desserts and memories” by Patty Pinner and “The Soup Peddler’s Slow and Difficult Soups” by David Ansel. Let me know if you don’t have them. You are welcome to borrow them.


    1. karenellenmills Avatar

      thanks for the nice comment susan and the offer. i love to see your cooking postings online as well.


  4. Amy Elisabeth Mills (@aemills) Avatar

    one of the best libraries you’ll ever find


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