valentine’s day peppermint whoopie pies


i found a great box mix for whoopie pies.  this really cuts down on the total preparation time, and this was a really good treat for Valentine’s Day.  the cake is very soft and spongy, and the filling was perfect.  the box provided plenty of peppermint crumbles for the whoopie pies. the Stonewall Kitchen brand makes many flavors of the whoopie pies, and also offers a baking pan.  i don’t have this baking pan, so i simply used a baking sheet with excellent results.


i highly recommend this mix.  it is not a standard cake mix, it is upscale.  so, don’t let the price change your mind.  it is worth it to have a delicious quick dessert, especially if you are running short on time.


many local markets are carrying the Stonewall Kitchen brand, but if yours does not, it can be found online at:

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