Imagesoutherners take biscuit making very seriously.  the ingredients and the technique are almost an exact science for some.  i do know that if biscuit dough is overworked, it becomes tough.  if the dough is rolled too much, the biscuits will not rise.  and, if the ingredients are not measured correctly, the biscuits will not be tasty.

therefore, i have not attempted biscuit making many times, but i thought i would “give it a go” when i found this recipe for beer biscuits.  only two ingredients, and just a wooden spoon should make the biscuits happen.


actually, this was a good recipe. i used cold beer, and maybe if the beer was just at room temperature that could have made a difference. or maybe if i would not have used lower fat bisquick, they might have been tastier?  perhaps, i would have been reporting that these were the best biscuits ever.  it could have been my technique, and the fact that i did roll the dough ever so slightly.  most of these biscuit recipes say to just lightly form the dough into a square and cut out the biscuits — no rolling allowed.

so, here is how i made these biscuits, and i invite you to try them, or send me your recipe for better biscuits.

mix three cups of Bisquick with one cup of beer. mix shape flat,  and cut with a biscuit cutter.  preheat a round cake or pie dish in a 400 degree oven.  use a couple of tablespoons of margarine to melt into the pan before placing the biscuits.  place the biscuits in the round pan and bake for 12 minutes.

i have seen a couple of various recipes that are very similar to this one, so everyone has their own way of putting the ingredients together.  serve with jam for breakfast.



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