caraway rye bread


now and then, i try store-bought mixes.  i feel the need to report on this one, because it was extremely tasty.  many of the store-bought bread mixes are very limited in their flavor profiles, and include many unnecessary ingredients.  i try to stay away from processed foods, and pre-packaged mixes for the most part.

Hodgson mill products are non-GMO, organic, kosher, whole grain, and gluten-free. these products come from a family company that has grown to become a national leader in whole grain products.  they offer seven pre-mixed and pre-measured bread mixes that can be prepared in a bread machine, which i used, or baked traditionally in the oven.

the company is on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  they offer a blog, catalog, and email newsletter.  if you are not familiar with their products, i highly recommend giving them a try.  i found this bread to be delicious.  using my Cuisinart bread maker on the packaged mix setting resulted in a perfectly baked product.

the Hodgson mill newsletter is filled with recipes using their products, many of which look so inviting.  they have a german chocolate whoopie pie recipe listed, which is gluten-free, for those on that special diet.

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  1. always nice to have a warm loaf of bread.


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