spring tulips in the market


i was visiting Connecticut last week and while shopping in the Whole Foods store, i loved that the entrance was filled with spring flowers.  the tulips were spectacular, as well as so many other spring bulbs.  i stopped and just had to take a photograph, since i have been looking at snow and more snow for at least twelve or more weeks in Michigan.

i know i have tulips, daffodils, grape hyacinths, hellebores, crocus and so many more bulbs planted in my garden to look forward to blooming. however, at this point, i am wondering if they will be floating during the spring thaw — which may be in May, or most likely June.  we have had such a steady snowpack for all of these weeks.  the density of the snow may just cause my yard to be overwhelmed with puddles of water.

now, don’t get me wrong, i do love winter.  and everything about winter.  the way the snow protects my plants–the way the snow gives us the moisture we need in our gardens–and most of all, the tremendous boost to the economy in Michigan during the entire season.  there are so many businesses in northern Michigan that rely on good cold winter weather with lots of snow for their snowmobilers, their skiers, their restaurants, and their other winter family businesses. i am so happy for them this year, because our local economy is so important these days.

when my southern friends comment on the beauty of the snow around my home, i know they don’t really understand how cold it is here.  we have had days and days of sub-zero temperatures, with wind chills in the minus 30s.  not just one or two days like this, but it seems it has been weeks of this weather.  i think this has been the defining difference in our winter season this year.  the ability to not really be outside walking around to enjoy the snow and the beauty of it all.

so, for today, i wanted to share these beautiful tulips, with the hope of a beautiful spring to come.  this was my view a couple of days ago in my yard and garden.



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  1. Another winter storm is coming next week.


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