blood oranges and blood orange products

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have you noticed all of the blood orange products at the market these days?  i have seen everything from the fresh fruit to facial creams and cleansers.  the color of this fruit has sparked a great deal of interest, since the fresh fruit has red pigment which is high in antioxidants.   they are primarily grown in Italy, but crops are also coming from Texas and California now due to the rise of interest in the fruit.

if you have not yet tasted a blood orange, i would encourage you to purchase them.  the citrus profile has also a hint of raspberry flavor.  some of the oranges are sweet and others that i have tasted are more sour.  just like any other citrus fruit, they can vary based on the growing time, and the growing temperatures for the plant.  i have also purchased blood orange marmalade in the past, and have found it to be very beautiful on the plate as well as delicious to taste.

from the health perspective, as an RN, i would always recommend having citrus in your diet.  these oranges are high in Vitamin C, and have about 28 percent of the daily recommended fiber content for your diet. they are also a source of potassium and calcium.

the Moro oranges pictured above are some of the deepest red in color, and some of the more sour in taste, compared to other varieties.

you will only see blood oranges in the market from December through April, so if you haven’t tried them yet this season, you still have time to search for a package in your store.  personally, i love them.

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