garden dreaming


so, this week i have been garden dreaming.  the temperatures in Michigan seem to have stabilized a bit, and we haven’t had day after day of sub-zero temperatures.  for this reason, i became a bit more optimistic and brought out some of my favorite gardening catalogs. i have other favorites as well, but decided to begin with these and a cup of tea.

i plan to have at least three tomato plants this year, plus a few pepper plants and green onions to provide me with salsa for the season.  i have also been considering what lettuces to grow.  i love the taste of fresh mache lettuce and small tender lettuces grown in my garden.  the flavor is so remarkable, and nothing like i can find in the market.  early season lettuce is so easy to grow and i think everyone should have small pot on their deck or patio. i began with one pot and have expanded to many on my deck.  i can’t grow lettuce directly in my soil, as my neighborhood bunnies would feast on the tender greens before i would even have a chance to harvest them. keeping my lettuces in pots seems to avoid all of this heart-break.

of course, i have an herb garden filled with parsley, rosemary, sage, a collection of thyme, oregano, basil, walking onions, chives, and more.  my flower garden mingles with my herbs and vegetables to provide me with an overall kitchen garden arrangement.

i plan to have more Dianthus plants this year, and even more lupines and coneflowers.  i have already ordered these plants and look forward to being able to put them into the ground, with anticipation of colorful blooms for summer days.

all of this garden dreaming is so relaxing.  the work required to plant and maintain the garden is far from relaxing, but the enjoyment is beyond belief.


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