The Republic of Tea has been offering some new flavors of tea, which they call dessert teas or after dinner teas.  since i consider myself a real foodie, i just had to try these new flavors.  i am a tea addict and drink at least 6 cups of hot tea a day during the winter months.  in the warmer seasons, i drink iced tea, and simply use these tea bags and make hot tea–cooling it to serve over ice.  most of the time, i prefer green or white teas, and never really let the tea steep as long as recommended.  i try to keep the caffeine level down as much as possible.

there is an art to tea drinking.  hot tea must be served at the correct temperature.  not too hot and not too cold– almost seems like the story of the three bears.  yet, there is just the perfect temperature of a proper cup of tea.  and, when it is just right, it is so relaxing and calming.  i think of the many years, i wasn’t able to sit down and relax with a cup of tea.  doing so is very good for the body and soul. maybe even combine a few minutes of calming thoughts and meditation–now that is wonderful for the body and mind.

i purchased these teas online and they were shipped to me in a couple of days, from their store in Kansas City, Missouri. the packaging is very cute, and with this order, i also selected individual tea bags of an assortment of flavors for sampling.  some of the other flavors i ordered single samples of included:  cranberry blood orange, acai green tea, orange blossom white, ginger peach decaf, get relaxed, good hope vanilla, red velvet, and pumpkin spice.

i have tried all three flavors of the photographed teas,  and am enjoying the taste profile of each.  i think the marketing division for The Republic of Tea deserves some credit for appealing to foodies with Cuppa Cake Teas.  they got me.

for more information about The Republic of Tea, follow this link:


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