Cookbook review: The Can’t Cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld


if you are looking for a book to help you over the fear of cooking certain types of food, this is the book for you.  it is a wonderfully photographed book with easy step-by-step directions, which is a charmer.  there is a nice ‘how-to’ section on every basic technique that you might have encountered in recent recipes–for example:  working with garlic, working with scallions, shallots and onions, how to chop and store herbs, working with fish and shrimp, and so many more.

the introduction to the book covers common kitchen tools, uses and recommended appliances. she even discusses how to set up a kitchen for best results. the sections of the book are divided into breakfast, chicken, meat, fish, pasta and pizza, grains and beans, salads and desserts, the final section of the book is labeled quickies.  it has several quick meal options.

overall, i think this book has a great presentation.  it is filled with lovely photos, fold out pages, great tips, nice directions and for me, an established cook, i found many recipes that i have enjoyed.

this one gets a thumbs up on many levels. i especially like the spiral binding which works so nicely in my cookbook holder while i am cooking and baking.


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