i always have egg beaters in my refrigerator.  an egg white omelette can be a wonderful choice for breakfast for dinner.  if you follow my blog, you know that i try to offer at least one meatless meal per week. usually that is meatless monday, followed by two fish meals per week, and one to two chicken meals.  pasta, pizza and pork may be other choices, but all less frequently than the standard routine. in the winter, we have soup night once a week, and in the summer, we grill vegetables and eat salads.

we don’t eat red meat, and i have not since the early 90’s. on occasion, we do have ground beef, but i opt out to maybe three times a year. my husband does like meat of all types. i do make special meals for him with ground beef, however; i try to limit him and that has been a good decision over the years.

i do the meal planning in advance, usually two weeks at a time and have done that for more than thirty years.  i grocery shop based on the meal ideas, and sometimes do switch up the nights, but basically stay to my plan. i do have to go to the market for fresh fruits and vegetables in between regular shopping trips. on those nights, when i just don’t feel like the meal i have planned, we have breakfast for dinner.

egg beater omelets come together very easily. when served with an english muffin, they are a perfect substitute meal. the key to a great omelette is a non-stick pan, and a low temperature heat.  quick-easy-low calorie-and tasty.

as a registered nurse, i have been reading more studies about the benefits of vegetarian cooking, and meatless meals.  i am so glad we have made the decision over the years to limit red meat specifically in our diet.  it can be a “treat” every once in a while, but should never be a routine.

i prefer to make almost every meal at home, rather than eating out.   i find it has been easier for us to manage portion size, sodium, sugar and fat in our nutritional planning. we are not perfect, by any means, but we are conscious of our choices.  then, when we travel, i truly enjoy a special meal out in a great restaurant.


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