the library



i love the library.  our local community library is just filled with wonderful books in the cooking and gardening sections.  even though i have a nice home library, i love to visit our town’s stacks.  this week i found all of these amazing books to read and study.  i am almost giddy with excitement as i look through them.

our public library is so dynamic, with ongoing changes in new books and materials.  they offer a sale twice a year to encourage movement of older less circulated materials off of their shelves, making room for new editions and authors.

i have never been disappointed on a library visit.  there is always something new to learn or experience. if you are not a regular library goer, give it a chance.  gone are those days of dreary dim shelves, and dusty books.  let’s keep our libraries alive.


  1. hi Karen, I own the edible garden cookbook.  it is wonderful.  one of my go to recipes is on page 184, picture on 182.  it is the filo tomato tart.  so yummy as either an appetizer or a light dinner with a salad.  give it a try :-)  jennifer

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