visiting an old fashioned bakery



some of my best baking inspiration comes when i travel out-of-town and visit bakeries in other cities.  this bakery was so cute.  the atmosphere was super hometown.  all the baked goods looked delicious.  the feel of this bakery was like nothing i have seen in many years.

the baked goods were on a table.  not inside a counter, not under glass, but right out in open air.  it reminded me of being in someone’s kitchen. this is just about as homemade as it can get.  the aroma was amazing capturing the senses just as the door to the bakery opened.



i was inspired by this visit to attempt glazed desserts.  i was impressed with the amount of powdered sugar that was used to decorate cookies, scones and muffins.  so, i am deciding this week on my next baking project.  inspiration never tasted so good.

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