everyone needs a garden. if you have room for a small clay pot, you have room to grow microgreens. microgreens do not even require much soil, in fact, a shallow dish is just fine. however, it is very important that the dish has drainage.  and, that the dish has been cleaned well with bleach prior to growing the greens.

microgreens are different from sprouts.  sprouts typically grow in the dark, while microgreens need light to grow once they have germinated. microgreens are today’s most talked about gourmet garnish.  with a variety of colors, tastes, and textures, the greens range from mild to spicy.

they are smaller than baby salad greens and larger than typical sprouts.  microgreens are perfect for window sills.

these greens are also perfect for a small kitchen garden, where herbs and other vegetables would grow.

the author of this book, Fionna Hill, is a floral designer from Australia.  she clearly explains the nutrition, growth and potential problems of growing microgreens at home.  the last chapter is devoted to recipes and presentation.

i can’t wait to get my garden growing.

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