luxuries are defined as having a state of great comfort or extravagant living.  i guess i would like to say that using an electric pepper mill moves me into the realm of extravagant living.  no, i didn’t need this product.  but now that i own this product, i am in heaven.  as a foodie, all of these kitchen gadgets add so much enjoyment to everyday cooking. i was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be given the chance to test and review this product for my blog.  and, after this experience, i must say that i would highly recommend this pepper mill.  the Artesio soft touch electric pepper mill and grinder is the perfect size for home cooks, and offers so much more.

I just love that is can be used for pepper, coarse salt or even herbs. I am so impressed with the automatic light that shines from the grinder, as the pepper comes out of the mill. This product is very upscale and trendy. This grinder has the ability to adjust grain size for any dish. It only requires a slight adjustment to the knob on the base of the mill. I really like the coarse grind setting.

I was able to season my chicken and grilled vegetables with my own blend of red, white and black peppercorns.  the mill has a clear view window to easily visualize the pepper or other ingredients. the unit uses four AA batteries, which are easily installed with clear directions provided.

the mill is very attractive and has joined my other seasonings next to my cook top. yes, cooking is so much fun. for more information about this pepper mill, follow this link to


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